We want to be the wellness and healthy eating partner for your company

We bring you the best selection of HEALTHY food through the installation of:

* SMART FRIDGES (Grab&Go). Products: cold meals (salads, pokes, wraps, bagels and sandwitches), hot meals, snacks and drinks.

* VENDING MACHINES last generation with collection elevator. Products: snacks and drinks.

ADVANTAGES of our service: 

* Wide variety of nutriotionally balanced products. Chosen with great care prioritizing that they are ECOLOGICAL, PROXIMITY and of course with VERY GOOD TASTE!

* Meals from 4€ !

* Healthy food accessible 24/7 without having to leave work or organize orders from Catering companies.

* Savings on canteen cost.

* Possibility of paying with Restaurant Ticket and other systems.

* Productivity, comfort and hapiness for your workers. 

* We offer MENUS so that our meals can be combined with other products. 

* Food safety.

* We take care of the installation and maintenance. We only need 1 m2 and 1 power plug.

* WELLBEING: we help you in your corporate social responsability CSR and ESG. We organize nutrition workshops and other events for workers.

HOW our service WORKS: 

* Our SMART FRIDGES are a premium purchasing option that allows the user to take the products and examine them before purchasing.

The fridge is unlocked using the bank card or phone, the products to be purchased are taken, the refrigerator is closed and the user is automatically charged. It is a friendly, technological and innovative shopping experience.

* On the other hand, we have the option to purchase through VENDING MACHINES of the latest generation so the products are picked up and delivered by elevator. The purchase is also made by bank card or phone.

If you value the health and performance of your workers, 

 don’t hesitate and ask for an Earthfood!

Feeding the health and wellbeing of people at work.

This is how our points of sale work!

C/Fluvià, 136,1-7
Barcelona 08020
Tel: 679 359 259



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